Explore Los Angeles and its surroundings with the Cloudaway Travel Agency

When wanderlust strikes, it’s easy to daydream of worlds far away. But at a time when it’s difficult to explore the planet safely and responsibly, travel takes on a different meaning. That’s why we’re launching the On Cloudaway pop-up travel agency, to help LA residents unlock incredible local travel experiences in their neighbourhoods next door.

There’s never been more reasons to look for escape a little closer to home. And for one week in August anyone can drop into the Cloudaway Travel Agency to unlock free adventures right on their doorstep, support local businesses and communities and discover On’s newest launch, the Cloudaway, a hybrid outdoor shoe that’s perfect for any getaway. 

It’s time to drop by, lace up and unleash the hidden LA. 

Satisfy your wanderlust with a fresh look at LA

Start your experience at: The Cloudaway Travel Agency, 3118 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA

Unlock local adventures from: August 25-29, Wed-Sat 11-19.00, Sunday 11-15.00

Drop by for your travel kicks

The On Cloudaway Travel Agency works just like a real travel agency but instead of booking overseas adventures, we offer the travel-hungry an alternative way to feed that need for new horizons with free access to local destinations and get-aways inside their own city limits. 


Our LA travel experts will arm visitors with slow-travel ideas and insider tips that support  local community organizations and small businesses. We’ll suggest stress-free city adventures, nearby escapes where you can linger longer and excursions with all the fun – and none of the fuss – of traditional travel. 

Visitors can sign up for the different experiences in person at 3118 Sunset Blvd from August 25-29, first come, first served, for as long as stock lasts.

Slip on the sustainable shoe made for any adventure

Everyone who drops by will have the chance to try, buy and win the all-new On Cloudaway, our everyday travel shoe, designed with exploration in mind. 

Lightweight, durable and crafted for unbeatable all-day comfort, the Cloudaway packs light so you don’t have to. It steps up on any journey and leaves nowhere off limits. 

Sustainably-engineered from materials like vegan suede leather and recycled polyester mesh upper, it’s made for adventurers who crave new landscapes, new cultures, new experiences but want to leave a conscious footprint. 

It’s the ideal everyday travel essential whether you’re treading the urban trail or exploring wilder landscapes. 

Choose your adventure


The On travel team have teamed up with local community organizations to handpick an incredible selection of experiences to help LA residents re-discover their city and its surroundings. 


Each day, our hosts will drop their hidden gems, carefully curated to bring the unexplored city to life through food, hiking, street photography, and expressive movement. 

All the experiences are on us, free of charge, gratis. Anyone can sign up but capacity on the events will be limited. All you have to do is stop by the Cloudaway Travel Agency, sign up and enjoy.


In addition to our curated events, everyone who stops by can also enjoy the guest restaurants, DJs, and businesses that we’ll be hosting in the agency space, bringing their local flare to the community. 


Here’s a taster of what to expect when you visit:


Thursday August 26th


An independent platform that connects travel, culture and creativity like never before, Trippin started out as a Facebook group and grew quickly into a diverse and influential travel community. Through community collaborations, it uncovers stories where social and cultural boundaries intersect. Combining travel guides and experiences with audio, film and written word to create an ecosystem that empowers people to travel with more purpose.

What to expect: Trippin will invite LA music producer and cofounder of LVRN, Justice, to take you on an authentic food and music tour throughout the city; a local cultural adventure guided by his personal love for street photography.

Friday August 27th

Oyster Expedition

This LA-based hiking community meets every two weeks, bringing people together from all creative fields to enjoy the city’s great outdoors. Not your ordinary hiking club, founder Woodie White soundtracks every hike with a unique playlist and afterwards, trekkers can enjoy a Rest and Recovery lounge, hosting a new chef each time. 

What to expect: Woodie will host a community of members at Sky Park near Lake Arrowhead for a day filled with archery, hiking, zip lining, and much more. 

Saturday August 28th

What to expect: Throughout the day, we’ll invite a local restaurant, chef, and music collective to host their community in the Cloudaway Travel agency space and serve up experiences of LA through their lens. 

Sunday August 29th

Walk Good LA

WalkGood LA is a community-based non-profit organization dedicated to bringing people together from all walks of life to fight for racial equity and heal in solidarity, through the arts, health, and wellness. WalkGood LA started as a weekly protest in June 2020, in response to the lives lost to the hands of racial violence and police brutality. From there, we quickly learned that in order for us to sustain our fight for racial equity, we must heal as well. WalkGood LA is a family. Through weekly activations to help heal the community, WalkGood LA provides safe spaces for people to catch a vibe and find their tribe.

What to expect: Get a flavour of what Walk Good dishes up for their communities every Sunday afternoon as they curate a group of local businesses and vendors in Echo Park while also providing a day of mindfulness workshops, yoga, and expressive painting.